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Expanding opportunities to study the traditional method of Contrology (aka Pilates)

Meet other teachers, find events near you, receive discounts and collect continuing education credits.


Earn one continuing education credit for every hour particiated in qualified APU events.

Join us today and start sharing, learning and networking with the Authentic Pilates Community


Included in your membership, you can publish all your events on the APU website. We recommend you provide a discount to other APU members. Your event is eligible for members to earn continuing education credits.

Sign up for one year memberships. From apprentice to businesses, we have a membership level for you.


This membership level is for certified Pilates instructors. You will be listed in our directory as an instructor. You can post events and you can earn continuing education credits.

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Pilates Studio

This membership level is for Pilates Studios. Your studio will be listed in our studio directory. You can post events, give continuing education credits and receive continuing education credits.
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Business (non-studio)

Are you a business that provides services to Pilates teachers or Pilates studios? This membership level is for you. ( i.e. wellness and beauty businesses, agencies, consultants, etc.)

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Do you love to practice Pilates? Or are you an apprentice, studying to get your certification? This is the membership for you. You can post events and receive continuing education credits, and receive discounts offered by other members.

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All members can post events that will be listed an promoted publicly on our events page. Events can be reoccurring; they have maps; you can add links; members can comment and ask questions about your event; and you can list any info you need to list to promote you event; you can even post images.

Continuing Education Credits

The APU has long wanted a tool to track continuing education credits. Well, its here! You can finally get credit for all your hard work on attending Pilates workshops, conferences of other APU members. You can even give credits for the events you host. Your credits are listed in your public profile so other members can view all the work you have been putting in to continuing your Pilates education!


The APU’s goal is to bring people to preserve the work of Joseph H. Pilates. Our groups will allow you to play your part either by participating in a group or starting your own group. We hope members will use this as a way to continue to bring people together to share their knowledge, ask for help, and grow our Pilates community.


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